About the Book

Artful Aging

 This book illustrates much of my belief system and life philosophy; that when we can free ourselves from the cultural narratives, which are usually cookie cutter and try to put everyone in the same box, the more fully we can create our own stories and then the more we can live a rich life, on our own terms and by our own rules.

There's so much fear in our world about aging, I see and hear it even in relatively young people. It's no wonder that many people of all ages fear that they're too old, that it's too late.  It shouldn't come as a surprise given the images and the language and the stories our culture serves us about it.  You've heard the words and seen the images. What comes to mind when you hear phrases like little old ladies?  Fuddy duddy, not a spring chicken, old bad, old hag…

The pain I’ve experienced in my life has and continues to give many deep lessons and gifts. Gratitude and humility from seeing the depth of support and love I have. The opportunity to explore and test my own inner resources.I believe that parts of our younger self must die in order to claim the next act

Rebranding Aging

This philosophy applied to aging and the stories we are fed about aging can also liberate us to create a new path.

I’m afraid of death. And if you’re like most people, you might be too. It may not be as real or as raw for you as it is for my 6-year old daughter; if she’s afraid she’s likely to yell-cry “I’m going to DIE!!!!” You might be more like her dad, who practices calorie restriction for his personal longevity and who spends his days working to improve gene-sequencing technology in order to end disease and aging. A noble endeavor to be sure!

I know with total certainty that every time I’ve been brought to my knees in pain, every time I’m confronted with the reality of my own mortality and the delicacy of being this human self, this human heart that I’m in the middle of a rebirth and that on the other side is a deeper commitment to the vision and many more layers of understanding grief, loss and the ultimate phoenix rising.

Ironically, it’s only when we fully recognize, welcome and get peace with our losses, our pain and even our symbolic and literaly death that we can truly embrace the vibrancy of our second half.