The Speak for Your Self is a 7-week online group coaching program. Each group session is 90-minutes in length and offers practical skills needed for stage, social media, presentations online as as in-person. Classes are experiential and interactive.

Topics and skills explored include:

-Your Speaking Super Power

-Fertile Presence & Listening

-The Lily pad content model of Content Creation


-The Power of Pause

-Erasing Empty Words

-Connection and Presence with self, message, and listener

-Listening to speak and speaking to listen

-Landing the period

-Being the Host

-Speaking as Music

Finding your voice, taking up space and speaking up is an act of RESISTANCE AND RECLAMATION.

It is no longer time to stay small.  The practice of building personal power with words and by embodying the meaning and the purpose of the message is now. This is a reclamation of the Self.

Whether you’re taking up space and speaking on zoom meetings, on social media or in personal relationships your voice, your stories, your expertise and your perspective are needed. “


Lisa LaCroix


Speakers and Social media Users